Panel Speaker at ACCA HK Annual Conference

28 Sep 00:00 by Alexa Tse

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What are the roles of accountants and financial professionals in the business world nowadays? Apart from enhancing the efficiency of accounting tasks, will technology also accelerate the transformation of finance function?

會計師和金融專業人士在當今商業世界扮演著什麼角色? 除了提高會計工作的效率,科技會否亦正在加速財務職能的轉型步伐?

Chief Strategy Officer of KOS, Eric Ng, has attended the ACCA HK Annual Conference 2022 as Panel Speaker cum Moderator and shared his view on these topics. As the management of a listed HR service group and a professional accountant, Eric shared that accounting experts will have to equip business knowledge, analytical skills and problem-solving skillset to play a more strategic role in business.


KOS首席戰略官 Eric Ng 以演講嘉賓兼主持人的身份出席了 ACCA 香港周年研討會2022,並分享了他對這些主題的看法。 作為一家人力資源服務上市集團的管理層和專業會計師,Eric 表示會計師必須具備商業知識、分析技能及解決問題能力,才能在業務中發揮更具戰略性的作用。



Finance leaders should take a holistic view of the business beyond finance and drive digital transformation to enhance company performance as a whole.

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