Talent Market Outlook in GBA – Online Webinar

07 Oct 00:00 by Alexa Tse

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The Greater Bay Area has developed rapidly in recent years and has cultivated many talents. To attract these talents, employers must first understand their work culture and career vision. Mr. Jackson Chan, Founder and Executive Director of KOS, has attended the sharing session and exchanged professional views on the topic with Mr. Calvin Lam, Managing Director of KOS China, Mr. Chen Chaoming, President of Shenzhen Equity Investment Research Association, and Dr. Hao Gang, Associate Dean of City University of Hong Kong - College of Business. Jackson has also shared with the guests on the employment prospects of Hong Kong and how KOS narrows the cultural differences between China and Hong Kong, making it easier for employees to adapt to the new environment.


大灣區近年迅速發展,亦培養了許多人才,如果想要吸引這些人才加入公司,須先了解其工作文化及對事業願景。KOS 創辦人兼執行董事Jackson Chan以協辦單位代表及嘉賓身份出席了分享會,席間與KOS中國區董事總經理Calvin Lam 、深圳市股權投資研究會會長陳超明先生及香港城市大學商學院副院長郝剛博士互相交流專業意見。Jackson 亦向其他嘉賓簡介了香港的就業前景及分享KOS 如何縮窄中港兩地的文化差異,令員工更容易適應新環境。