RM Drinks Networking Gathering

18 Nov 00:00 by Alexa Tse

Kos Rm Drinks Rebecca Henry Eddie 1

Regular business exchanges with peers will always bring lots of opportunities. In view of this, KOS held a gathering in our office earlier, and prepared snacks and drinks for the guests. KOS Managing Director Rebecca Chan, Director Henry Yip and Manager Eddie Yeung invited elites from the financial industry to attend the gathering to exchange views on the latest market information and trends. They also took this opportunity to broaden their social circle for future development.

與同業定期進行業務交流絕對能為企業帶來更多不同的機遇。有見及此,KOS早前於辦公室舉辦了小型酒會,當日為來賓準備了精美小食及飲品。KOS董事總經理Rebecca Chan、總監Henry Yip及經理Eddie Yeung 邀請了金融業界精英出席酒會,為現今最新的行情及趨勢進行交流。他們更藉此機會擴闊圈子以便將來發展。