WEMP Foundation Gala

22 Nov 00:00 by Alexa Tse

Kos Wemp Foundation Gala

Family atmosphere and education will directly affect children's mental development. WEMP Foundation is committed to promoting activities related to children's mental health, so as to enhance family harmony and create a healthy environment for children's growth. KOS very much agrees with WEMP Foundation and Jackson Chan, Co-Founder and Executive Director of KOS, attended the WEMP Foundation Gala to support the foundation. We are looking forward to creating a better and more harmonious society with WEMP Foundation.

家庭的氛圍及教育會直接影響小朋友的心智發展。有見及此,WEMP Foundation致力推動有關小朋友的精神健康之活動,以達至家庭更和諧,小朋友更健康快樂成長的目的。KOS非常認同WEMP Foundation的理念,而早前KOS創始人及執行董事Jackson Chan便出席了WEMP Foundation Gala 慈善晚會,身體力行支持WEMP Foundation,期待與WEMP Foundation共同創建更美好更和諧的社會。