Young Entrepreneur Study Group

04 Nov 00:00 by Alexa Tse

Kos Young Entrepreneur Study Group Louisa Eric 1

Create something new is never easy - especially forming a successful new business, but the sense of satisfaction is beyond words. Louisa Yeung, CEO of KOS and Eric Ng, CSO of KOS held a seminar for members of Young Entrepreneur Network at KOS office, sharing with them the development process of KOS. They mentioned that the mentality of facing challenges and the spirit of continuous innovation are the keys to success. Louisa and Eric inspired the participants with their own experiences.

創業之路從來都不容易,但成功感亦是非筆墨所能形容。KOS行政總裁 Louisa Yeung 及KOS首席戰略官 Eric Ng 於KOS 辦公室為Young Entrepreneur Network的會員舉辦了創業研討會,分享了KOS 發展的歷程,當中面對挑戰的心態及不斷尋求創新的精神成為了成功的關鍵。Louisa及Eric 希望以自身經歷共勉會員,讓他們有更多啟發。