KOS Christmas Party 2022

25 Dec 00:00 by Alexa Tse

Kos Christmas Party Movie Night Oscar 1

We held a Christmas Party with the theme of Movie Night at Grand Haytt , and invited Marco, host of Good Morning King to be our MC ! Apart from drinks and tasty food, we also had wonderful songs performed by our talented KOSers, everyone had a great time .

我哋君悅酒店搞咗個以Movie Night為主題嘅Christmas Party,仲邀請到早霸王主持Marco做MC,帶動起全場氣氛。 當日除咗有酒飲有嘢食,仲有K唱!同事們都盡情慶祝同埋超級Enjoy。

KOSers' costumes were amazing and many of them had literally become a movie character . We all loved the Lucky Draw session with so many prizewinners (Big claps for Bosses) To take the excitement to the next level, our Bosses also prepared snacks and wine in the office for our After Party. What a nice surprise! Merry Christmas Everyone!

同事嘅裝扮都好有心思同充滿驚喜,甚至乎有啲認唔出佢係邊位 (搞到以為有新同事),攞最出眾男角色嗰位都唔知係男定女 (傻傻分不清楚)。而不停加碼嘅Lucky Draw, 就真心皆大歡喜 (Bosses萬歲)!KOSersss 當晚都玩得好盡興,但原來仲未完 -- 老闆們仲細心到喺office 準備咗小食美酒俾大家After Party!Merry Christmas Everyone!