KOS internal training – new KOSers

09 Dec 00:00 by Alexa Tse

Kos Internal Training

In order to help new KOSers gain a deeper understanding of the recruitment process of the headhunting industry, Louisa Yeung, CEO of KOS, regularly provides training for new KOSers, which includes not only the introduction of standard procedures, but also the communication skills and mentality. KOSers always strive to provide the best professional services to our clients.

為了幫助初入職的同事們對獵頭行業的招聘過程進行更深入了解,KOS行政總裁 Louisa Yeung 定期為新入職的同事進行培訓,當中除了包括一些既定程序的介紹,更重要的是說話的技巧及應有的心態去面對獵頭的工作,確保同事們處理業務時更專業及得心應手。