CBA Chairman Yao Ming met Estate Basketball Player League Representatives

11 Apr 00:00 by Alexa Tse

Kos Inspiring Hk Yau Ming Basketball 1

14 league representatives selected by InspiringHK Sports Foundation flew to Beijing to meet CBA Chairman Yao Ming and had a friendly match. During the event, former CBA player Chen Shidong also shared his basketball skills and techniques with the league representatives. The representatives all felt very honored and excited about this. Yao Ming inspired them with his quote: "Regardless of your background, you must fight hard to pursue your dreams without regret." Chen Shidong spoke highly of the Hong Kong players. In addition to good basic skills, they are also fast learners.


As a Board member of InspiringHK Sports Foundation, Jackson Chan, the Founder and Executive Director of KOS, is pleased to see Hong Kong players go out of Hong Kong to Beijing and have eye-opening experience with Yao Ming and Chen Shidong. He believes that the representatives will share their experience gained from this trip with their teammates in Hong Kong and let the basketball skills and spirit be inherited and continued. What InspiringHK Sports Foundation seeks to achieve coincides with KOS as we often encourage the exchange of ideas, industry intelligence, skills and experience with different parties for KOSers to grow and create a better future together.

KOS創始人及執行董事Jackson Chan作為凝動香港體育基金董事會成員喜見球員們能夠衝出香港到北京跟姚明及陳世冬交流,他深信球員們回港後也會與其他隊友分享此行得著,令新學習到的籃球技巧及精神能延續下去。凝動香港體育基金的理念跟KOS的發展方針不謀而合,我們亦經常透過與各方交流令同事們能有所得著,一起進步,共創美好將來。