KOS : Internal Training

19 Apr 00:00 by Alexa Tse

Kos Linked In Training 1

Recruitment consultants will reach out to job seekers through different platforms, including LinkedIn. In view of this, KOS invited representatives from LinkedIn – Ferdi Mak, Account Director and Kelvin Chan, Customer Success Manager to provide relevant training for KOSers, including:
獵頭公司的顧問團隊會透過包括LinkedIn在內的不同平台接觸求職者,有見及此,KOS邀請了LinkedIn代表 - Ferdi Mak, Account Director 及 Kelvin Chan, Customer Success Manager 為同事們提供相關培訓,內容包括:

Latest features of LinkedIn;
Analysis on the utilization rate of LinkedIn; and
Effective ways to get effective responses from job seekers.


KOSers had a better understanding of LinkedIn's various functions, which will help them reach the right candidates for the best positions in the future.

同事們深入了解到 LinkedIn 的各項功能,有助將來接觸到適合的求職者並為他們提供專業服務 。