18 May 00:00 by Alexa Tse

Kos Rebecca Ust Mba Sharing Lecture

​Rebecca Chan, KOS Managing Director, was invited by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School (HKUST) to share the latest job market trends and new opportunities for MBA students. Rebecca also gave her advice on the following topics:

1) Types of jobs that students with English as their first language can consider;

2) Channels that students can apply for or learn more about different types of jobs; and

3) How students with no working experience in Hong Kong should take advantage of their knowledge in workplace culture of other countries and show their strengths during an interview.

We hope that HKUST students can better understand the needs of today's market and plan their careers ahead.

KOS 董事總經理 Rebecca Chan 獲香港科技大學商學院(科大)邀請,為工商管理碩士學生分享了最新的職場動向及新機遇。Rebecca 亦為科大同學們解答疑問,當中包括:

1 ) 以英文為母語的同學們可選擇甚麼類型的工作;

2 ) 不同類別的工作可從哪些渠道申請或了解更多 及

3 ) 如果同學早前不是在香港工作,面試時應如何套用其他國家的職場文化並展示自己的長處。