KOS Networking Event

08 Jun 00:00 by Alexa Tse

Kos Recruitment Co Working Event Zoe Leung Lincoln Chan Jessky Lee Marco Li Edwin Chan Jason Li Martin Tsang Bryan Leung Sandy Chan 1

A lot of industries in the business world are closely linked, and better communication among different sectors can promote business development. KOS has hence organized a “KOS Networking Event” for our clients. Our team including Zoe Leung, Managing Director; Jessky Lee, Director; Lincoln Chan, Director; Jason Li, Senior Manager; Edwin Chan, Manager; Martin Tsang, Manager; Bryan Leung, Senior Consultant; Sandy Chan, Senior Consultant and Marco Li, Consultant invited representatives from different industries to gather at KOS office and exchange the latest market information and explore new cooperation opportunities.

KOS believes that we can stay on top of the latest market trends through regular networking activities and would be beneficial to the future development of different businesses.

商業世界中不同的行業是環環緊扣的,而各界之間更緊密的交流可促進業務發展。有見及此,KOS為我們的客戶舉辦了一個「KOS Networking Event」。KOS 董事總經理Zoe Leung、總監Jessky Li 、總監 Lincoln Chan、高級經理Jason Li、經理Edwin Chan、經理Martin Tsang、資深顧問Bryan Leung、資深顧問Sandy Chan及顧問Marco Li邀請了不同行業的代表,到KOS聚首一堂,互相交流最新消息及探尋合作機會。

KOS 相信透過定期的交流活動,各行各業都能更容易掌握市場最新動態,以便為企業擬定未來發展藍圖。