KOS x Co-op @CUHK

23 Aug 00:00 by Alexa Tse

Kos Cuhk Coop Michelle Derry Recruitment 1

KOS is thrilled to have two outstanding talents, Derry and Michelle, joining us as KOS Consultant (Internship) through the Co-op CUHK Program. We are proud to be part of this incredible initiative that connects top-notch students with real-world work experiences. Derry and Michelle bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a strong drive for success.

They are invaluable additions to the KOS family. We're confident they will contribute significantly to our continued growth and success. We hope that their working experience in KOS will benefit them and have them better prepared for their future career.

我們成功透過香港中文大實習計劃聘請到Derry及Michelle 擔任KOS實習顧問,讓有志投身社會的校園精英得到實際工作體驗,他們可以用更全面的思考方式去解決問題及將創新的想法付諸行動,其部門主管更會跟他們一起檢討成果,共同成長。

KOS 實習顧問絕對是我們大家庭寶貴的一份子,他們在實習期間的付出讓其個人和 KOS 都得以一起成長。希望他們於KOS工作的經驗令他們有所得益,為他日踏足職場有更好準備。