KOS x HKMU MBA Sharing

25 Jan 00:00 by Alexa Tse

Hkmu Kos Eric 6

Mr. Eric Ng, Chief Strategy Officer of KOS, recently attended the MBA Business Transformation workshop organized by Hong Kong Metropolitan University as a distinguished speaker.

Eric shared his valuable insights on two key topics that are important in today's dynamic business landscape:

1. Attracting and Retaining Top Talent : Discover the strategies employers need to adopt to attract the best talents in today's competitive job market and

2. The Mindset and Abilities Employers Seek: Unveil the essential qualities and mindset that employers are looking for in talented individuals

KOS 首席戰略官 Eric Ng最近出席了由香港都會大學主辦的「工商管理碩士課程:企業轉型工作坊」並獲邀為演講嘉賓。


1. 僱主該如何吸引和留住頂尖人才: 必須採用新策略,以吸引和留住當今競爭激烈的就業市場上的人才。

2. 僱主應尋求的心態和能力: 應尋求具備的基本工作能力和良好心態的人才。

Moreover, Eric had the privilege to serve as a judge in an exhilarating competition among the MBA students. The students showcased their innovative ideas and solutions related to attracting and retaining top talent, as well as understanding the mindset and abilities sought by employers.