KOS Orientation Day

23 May 00:00 by Alexa Tse

Kos Orientation Day 1

KOS Orientation Day

At KOS, we believe that fostering a culture of growth and learning is essential for the success of our team. Recently, we held an orientation day for our newest members, Mr. Jackson Chan, Founder & Executive Director , Ms. Rebecca Chan, Managing Director and Mr. Christopher Zhou, Consultant shared their experience to new joiners.

Jackson emphasized that a healthy mindset is the key to overcoming any obstacles that may arise and passion is the driving force behind a fulfilling career. Rebecca shared her own experiences in turning challenges into opportunities and how to Proactively Seek Solutions to Challenges. Christopher highlighted collaborating across teams able to unlocks infinite possibilities.

At KOS, we are committed to nurturing a culture of continuous learning and growth. By empowering our employees with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed, we are paving the way for our collective success as an organization.

我們深信,培養一個充滿成長和學習氛圍的文化,對於團隊的成功十分重要。最近,我們為新入職員工舉辦了一場迎新日,創辦人兼執行董事Jackson Chan,董事總經理Rebecca Chan 及顧問 Christopher Zhou分享了他們的自身經歷。

Jackson強調健康的心態是克服任何障礙的關鍵,保持熱誠是必不可缺的因素。Rebecca 則分享了自己把挑戰轉化為機遇的經歷, 如何主動尋求方法面對困難。Christopher 強調與不同團隊合作即可創造時無限的可能性。