KOS x 雲南省粵滇沿邊產業合作發展會議

30 May 00:00 by Alexa Tse

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此會議旨在與各界專業人士共同探討區域產業的發展之路,並為“雙招雙引”注入新的動力。KOS企業戰略與發展經理Vegas Liu亦分享了KOS由2009年至今15年的發展歷史,並對雲南省人才引進、人才落地提出了見解。

KOS副總監Andy Zhang於會議中提及 “招商引資”,而區域引進的人力資源也是人力資本,優秀的管理層和前線員工都是推動區域產業升級發展的核心因素。



During this conference, professionals from various backgrounds discussed the development path of regional industries in Yunnan.

Vegas Liu, Corporate Strategy & Development Manager of KOS, shared the 15-year development history of KOS from 2009 to the present, and offered his insights on talent introduction and settlement in Yunnan Province.

Andy Zhang, Associate Director of KOS stated that "investment promotion and talent attraction’ is important to attract not only capital and industries, but also outstanding human resources, as they are the core factors driving the upgrading and development of regional industries.

KOS has always attached great importance to talent introduction and cultivation, as we believe that excellent talent is the core driving force for the development of enterprises and society. We will continue to support the talent industry with our professional services.