【Lunch and Learn Series 】KOS x HKIHRM x CSCE

29 May 00:00 by Alexa Tse

Kos Hkihrm Eric Rebecca Vegas

【Lunch and Learn Series 】KOS x HKIHRM x CSCE

"Top Talent Pass Scheme (TTPS)" has been a hot topic recently, and the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (HKIHRM) previously co-organized a webinar titled "Exploring 'High Talent Pass' and Talent Recruitment Strategies in the Greater Bay Area from Multiple Perspectives" with KOS and China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited (CSCE).

Representatives from various companies, including Mr. Andy Luk, Vice President of HKIHRM, Ms. Rebecca Chan, Managing Director of KOS, Mr. Eric Ng, Chief Strategy Officer of KOS , Mr. Vegas Liu, Corporate Strategy & Development Manager of KOS and Ms. Stacy Liao, Head of People of CSCE, shared their professional insights, including:
1. The Talent gap in Hong Kong in recent years
2. How employers can utilize policies to recruit suitable candidates
3. The differences between the job markets in Mainland China and Hong Kong and
4. The positive impact of Talent on enterprises

KOS will continue to collaborate with different organizations to inject new impetus and vibrancy into Hong Kong's growth.


各公司代表包括HKIHRM副會長Andy Luk 、KOS董事總經理 Rebecca Chan、KOS首席戰略官Eric Ng、KOS企業戰略與發展經理 Vegas Liu 及中建香港人力資源部人力規劃及統籌總監 Stacy Liao 分享了其專業意見,包括:
1. 香港近年人才缺口
2. 僱主如何善用政策招聘合適人選
3. 內地與香港就業市場的區別 及
4. 人才為企業帶來的正面影響

KOS 將繼續與不同機構合作,為香港發展注入新的動力和活力。