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KOS Solutions

KOS Solutions combines the best features of our existing verticals and HR services into one hassle-free integrated solution, allowing businesses to deploy strategies with cost-effective investments.  With focuses on Training, Talent Development & Coaching, Employee Engagement,​ HR Policy Consultation, Outplacement and Career Transformation; KOS Solutions will assist businesses to build smart, scalable strategies for achieving growth.

KOS Solutions Offers:

Training | Talent Development & Coaching | Employee Engagement | HR Policy Consultation | Outplacement | Career Transformation

AccessibilityFormed by experienced consultants with a vast network of industry leaders and top management, we provide a simple, intuitive face-to- face experience to share best practices and connect businesses and individuals via our diverse community of professionals.

Efficiency - Provide expert advice on enhancing the HR workflow which can seamlessly integrate into our tailor-made solutions, allowing businesses to focus on efficient resource allocations e.g. Staff Training and Retention.

Scalability - Allow businesses at any size to scale quickly with a flexible HR policy and structure and is customizable based on their changing needs.

Transformation - Assist businesses and individuals to overcome challenges in different stages that may require Outplacement or Career Transformation. We analyze and advise on a unique Rediscovering path, including Re-Skilling and Innovative Opportunities Mapping to kick start the transformation.

KOS Solutions provides payroll outsourcing and HR outsourcing services

How KOS Solutions can help

Dedicated Service Teams
Our project managers and consultants with more than 10 years of experiences in the industry have strong knowledge to support our clients in developing project frameworks, hiring strategy, on-site supervision, and process management.

Compliant with the Laws and Regulations
Our teams regularly update our knowledge in local HR rules and regulations to ensure our service delivery is 100% compliant.

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