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KOS Staffing is tailored to support our clients in the effective search of best-fit, frontline candidates for permanent, contract, and part-time positions across a wide-range of operations, including retail sales, telesales, promoters, customer service (offline and online), security, warehouse assistants and business support. In addition to providing first-class staffing capabilities, KOS Staffing is equipped to handle both outsourcing and payroll services as well.  Our bespoke service also enables us to structure any combination of the three, depending on our clients’ requirements.​

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The scope of our HR outsourcing services covers the following: (i) outsourced staff who are sourced and employed by our Group and seconded to our clients; (ii) outsourced staff who are sourced by our clients but employed by our Group and seconded to our clients; and (iii) providing payroll and other administration services to clients at their requests.

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