HKIHRM 2023 Annual Conference and Exbition

15 Sep 00:00 by Alexa Tse

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Leaders from KOS at HKIHRM Conference 2023: Insights into Labour Market Trends and Recruitment Needs!

We are excited to announce that our Chief Strategy Officer, Mr. Eric Ng, along with our accomplished Managing Director, Ms. Rebecca Chan, and Ms. Zoe Chan, attended the highly anticipated HKIHRM Conference 2023. They were joined by our esteemed Director, Mr. Lincoln Chan, Associate Director, Mr. Christina Lau, and Senior Managers, Mr. Suki Choi and Mr. Xavier, representing KOS with pride. Together, they shared their invaluable perspectives on the latest labour market trends and recruitment needs.

Leveraging their vast expertise and professional experience, our leaders provided valuable insights into the dynamic landscape of the labour market, shedding light on emerging trends and challenges. They discussed the importance of adopting a strategic approach to recruitment and highlighted key considerations for professionals in the field.

Focusing on organizational effectiveness and efficiency, our team emphasized the significance of aligning recruitment strategies with business objectives. They shared practical advice and strategies to empower professionals in navigating the ever-evolving recruitment landscape, ensuring optimal talent acquisition outcomes.