Rebecca sharing - EYAcademy Students

17 May 00:00 by Alexa Tse

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Elevate Your Career with Impactful Personal Branding

At a recent exclusive "EYAcademy Personal Branding Workshop" for EYAcademy Cadets, Ms. Rebecca Chan, Managing Director of KOS, as the guest speaker, shared invaluable insights on the power of personal branding in today's competitive job market.

"Building a strong, authentic personal brand is key to positioning yourself for success," Rebecca emphasized. "It's about authentically showcasing your unique skills, experiences and values."

Drawing on her extensive expertise in talent management, Rebecca provided practical tips, including:

LinkedIn Optimization:

* Leverage a professional profile photo

* Craft compelling, achievement-oriented posts

* Avoid simply sharing others' content

CV Best Practices:

* Draft an impactful personal statement

* Clearly articulate your career progression

Interview Preparation:

* Research the company thoroughly

* Prepare polished self-introductions in multiple languages

* Arrive early and dress the part

Students were engaged throughout the session, asking insightful questions like how to research on company backgrounds, appropriate interview arrival times, and crafting effective post-interview follow-ups.

By sharing industry expertise, KOS is dedicated to support the next generation of professionals in reaching their full potential. Thank you Ms. Kiwi Siu, Hong Kong & Macau Campus Recruitment Leader and Ms. Jennifer Lam, Hong Kong & Macau Campus Recruitment Senior Associate of EY for the invitation, we look forward to our further collaboration.