KOS x Mercer Seminar

22 Feb 00:00 by Alexa Tse

Kos Mercer 1

KOS International Limited x Mercer Seminar

Our Panel speakers include Mr. Eric Ng, Chief Strategy Officer at KOS, Ms. Rebecca Chan, Managing Director at KOS, Mr. Vincent Wu, People Leader at Marsh McLennan, Ms. Irene Tsang, Associate Director Business Development, Health Team at Mercer Asia and Ms. Karmen Cheung, Senior Consultant - Career Consulting at Mercer Hong Kong. They shared their views on "Employee Wellbeing & Flexible Benefits" and delved into 4 topics including:

1) Integrating talent strategies with wellbeing initiatives;

2) Leveraging employee wellbeing for retention;

3) HR digitalization for better engagement; and

4) Exploring flexible benefits in the market.

From organizational level to employee perspectives, real-life examples shared by the speakers have been very inspiring. The networking session following the seminar provided an opportunity for idea-sharing and exploring new business opportunities.

A big thank you to Mercer for partnering with KOS to make this event possible! Looking forward to more collaborations in the future.

KOS International Limited x Mercer 研討會

研討會嘉賓包括 Eric,Rebecca ,Vincent ,Irene 及Karmen。他們就「企業員工福祉和彈性福利」的主題探討了以下4大範疇,包括:



3)人力資源管理數碼化能如何提升員工參與度 及



特別鳴謝Mercer 與KOS合作,讓是次活動得以順利舉行!期待未來更多合作。