KOS - City University of Hong Kong Scholarships

19 Mar 00:00 by Alexa Tse

Kos City U Scholarship Jackson Chan Rebecca Chan Winnie Tam

Mr. Tony Ting, Bachelor of Marketing and Mr. Alex Tsang, Bachelor of Business Administration in Accountancy & Information Management from City University of Hong Kong (CityU) have been awarded the prestigious "KOS Scholarships 2023/24".

Both of them and Mr. Andrew To, Associate Director of CityU’s Development Office, recently visited our KOS Hong Kong office. During their visit, they engaged in a valuable exchange with our team - Mr. Jackson Chan, Founder & Executive Director, Ms. Rebecca Chan, Managing Director and Ms. Winnie Tam, Head of People and Culture. The discussion covered the following topics :

1. Jackson shared his entrepreneurial journey, offering valuable inspiration for the students;

2. Updated the latest Job market trends and opportunities in the Greater Bay Area to help the students gain a better understanding of the regional employment landscape; and

3. Advice on Job search and interview techniques to help them prepare adequately before entering the job market.

We hope that this enriching exchange session will equip Tony and Alex with useful information and inspiration for their future career paths, enabling them to have a better planning in their professional journeys.

香港城市大學(城大)學士課程的Tony Ting和 Alex Tsang均榮獲「高奧士獎學金2023/24」的殊榮。

他們及Andrew To日前蒞臨KOS辦公室,與Jackson Chan, Rebecca Chan及Winnie Tam進行交流。在這次會面中,他們探討了以下議題:

1. KOS 創辦人兼執行董事Jackson分享了他的創業歷程,為Tony和Alex提供了創業的啟示;

2. 分享大灣區的就業趨勢和機遇,幫助兩位學生更了解國內的就業環境 及

3. 提供求職和面試的專業技巧和建議,幫助他們在投身社會前做好充分的準備。